Drive incremental sales with our Thaw & Serve Danish Pastries.

96% of consumers are tempted to buy a Sweet Pastry with a Drink and 66% of consumers already regularly purchase them together at least once a week; so coffee and pastry pairings offer a major opportunity to drive incremental sales.

71.6% of consumers consider the flavours that go well together when making a sweet pastry and drink purchase, so it’s important to have the right choices available.

Top Tip: 90% of consumers would be encouraged to buy a sweet pastry and drink if they were on promotion.

Clearly promote your pairings with point of sale and offer individually wrapped sweet pastries at the till for a perfect grab & go solution.

Download our pairings guide to see the UK’s favourite sweet pastry and drink combinations.


Our Thaw & Serve Danish Pastries provide consumers with a deliciously authentic and high-quality sweet pastry option. Perfectly baked and ready to serve after thawing, the Thaw & Serve Danish Pastry range allows outlets without ovens to significantly reduce preparation time, as well as control costs and wastage.

The range consists of:

Thaw & Serve Danish Selection: best-selling Maple Pecan Plait, Vanilla Crème Crown and Apple Crown which are individually wrapped locking in freshness and offering added convenience.


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