Delicious and Innovative Bakery Products for Cafés and Coffee Shops

We know what your customers want:

Moments of enjoyment that they will remember

That's exactly why we produce high-quality baked goods in the spirit of our company founder Viggo Schulstad (1848-1921). With our craftsmanship and our premium products in categories like Danish pastries, French pastries and bread, you can offer your customers sophisticated baked goods: sweet or savory and always something special! 

The quality of our fine baked goods will convince you and your customers:

  • Long resting times lead to a more natural flavor development. Croissants are wrapped with a total of 16 layers, resulting in a nicer dough structure, more volume and an appealing taste 
  • Our Danish pastries come directly from Denmark and embody the Scandinavian "Hygge" concept with a lot of enjoyment and serenity
  • 100% handling safety: The pastries can be baked or defrosted very easily and absolutely safely - even by unskilled workers
  • 100% calculation reliability and precise portioning of quantities
  • 100% reliable product quality: This is what the Schulstad Bakery Solutions brand stands for

Quality in minutes

Whether for breakfast pastries or a coffee break, sweet or savory - our pastries are quick and easy to bake. Most of our products only need 10-20 minutes in the preheated oven - done!

Save working time

It takes both resources and time to bake good bread from scratch, especially if it is in large quantities. When you use bake-off or thaw-and-serve, you can save time and effort, which can be used for other tasks.

Hygienic handling

Bake-off and thaw-and-serve solutions require minimal contact and handling. This is why this particular solution is an obvious choice in a time of stricter hygiene guidelines.

Products for Cafés & Coffee Shops

Concept1_All3 New

Signature Fruit Danish Selection

103.5 g weight per piece

Curved All Butter Croissant 70g

70 g weight per piece
5790080416 New

Maple Pecan Plait

97 g weight per piece