Trend Spotting: What’s hot in the world of bakery



Whether influenced by social media, the latest celebrity chef or what’s coming out of the Great British Bake Off tent, there’s no denying that bakery trends can make a huge impact on what customers are buying.  

The trick is to get ahead of the curve and offer the products that customers crave when they want them. Sounds obvious, but the hard part is knowing what’s going to be hot before it’s even warming up. Schulstad Bakery Solutions is here to help with our top picks of fresh trends that you shouldn’t ignore… 

Next level indulgence

With the cost-of-living crisis still biting, consumers want to know that when they do something, it’s done properly - and that’s true when it comes to treats. Indulgence is about to go next level. Tap into this with the SBS  Topped Maple Pecan Plaitrecipe which elevates the pastry with whipped cream, dark chocolate chunks and caramel sauce – a handcrafted extra touch for even more deliciousness. Equally indulgent is the Topped Vanilla Crème Crown. For more inspiration see our sweet recipes  


A trip down memory lane

After the last few turbulent years, people are looking back to simpler times for comfort and escape. Whether that’s pre-Covid or beyond, the nation is feeling more nostalgic than ever.  As a generation, Gen Z are the most nostalgic, with 15% feeling that they’d prefer to think about the past rather than the future. Millennials aren’t much further behind at 14%.  

Offer a trip down memory lane with the SBS French pastry selection to evoke childhood memories and those of holidays spent enjoying European café culture. The Pain Au Chocolat, Almond Croissant and Curved All Butter Croissant are all expertly crafted with 16 layers of all-butter croissant dough and combine over 150 years of bakery experience with the most modern baking techniques. 

A new way to celebrate

Cakes are so last year. The new way to mark occasions is with pastry. Think a tower of croissants, dotted with berries and crowned with a candle. Or a showstopping sweet pastry smorgasbord. This trend is about breaking the norm and creating new traditions. Why wait for afternoon tea when birthday breakfasts get the party started early? Our Sweet Pastries range is waiting for the next celebration. 

A feast for the eyes

Simple is out, bright colours are in. Standout decorations that increase visual appeal are in vogue for 2024. As customers look to be wowed by attractiveness, try adding our new Signature Fruit Danish Selection to your menu. These dazzling beauties top a Danish Pastry Crown with generous slices of sweet fruit. Delicious, colourful and very pretty.  

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Vanilla Crème Crown

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Curved All Butter Croissant 70g

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Maple Pecan Plait

97 g weight per piece




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