The ultimate pastry and drink pairings to drive incremental sales

Pastry and coffee go hand-in-hand – and significantly, provide operators with an opportunity to attract consumers, drive incremental sales and boost the bottom line.  

To help operators tap into the opportunity and maximise the potential, Schulstad Bakery Solution’s Senior Development Chef, Chris Bernard, shares his expert advice on the perfect pastry and drink pairings.  

Be inspired to upsell, create bundle purchases and elevate the customer experience in your outlet.  


Pastry and drink pairings 

Maple Pecan Plait and Vanilla Frappuccino

24 layers of light and flaky pastry filled with sweet maple syrup and topped with glaze and toasted pecan nuts; our Maple Pecan Plait is a customer favourite. Encourage customers to pair it with a rich and velvety Vanilla Frappuccino to bring out the complementary sweet and savoury notes.  

Vanilla Crème Crown and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

For double indulgence, a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate is the ultimate match for our Vanilla Crème Crown. Decadent, insanely smooth and generously creamy, they work together to provide the perfect pairing. 

Apple Crown and Caramel Frappuccino

A sweet Apple Crown coupled with a rich Caramel Frappuccino is another winning combo. Both deliciously sweet and offering a premium taste, they come together in creamy harmony for an upselling opportunity that’s hard to resist. The Apple Crown is made using 24 layers of light and flaky pastry and is filled with chunky Bramley apple for a tart fruity flavour.  

Cinnamon Swirl and Iced Almond Latté

Combining a classic pastry with a modern drink, a Cinnamon Swirl paired with a refreshing Iced Almond Latté offers a twist on Danish tradition. The Almond Latte enhances the sweet and woody flavour of the Cinnamon Swirl for a twice-as-nice experience sure to keep customers coming back. 

Top tips to inspire action and drive sales 

Chef Chris says: “Providing customers with inspiration on the ultimate way to pair a sweet pastry with a drink will encourage purchase and therefore incremental sales. It provides reassurance by removing the risk factor of getting it wrong and increases value.” 

So, using Chris’ pairings to kick things off, what should operators do?  

“It might seem obvious, but the first step is to ensure you are stocking the perfect pairings,” continues Chris. “One won’t work without the other, so bring product lines together and make sure each side of the duo is available to purchase at your outlet.  

“Then it’s about clearly promoting your pairings with point of sale and making them visible. You could offer individually wrapped sweet pastries at the till for a perfect grab & go solution and consider bundle price promotions to increase value for customers. Alternatively, display the pastries alongside eye-catching signage that clearly communicates the complementary drink in your window display.  

“This is also an opportunity to engage customers. Experiment with different drink ingredients or even invite customers to a tasting event to help solidify a menu offering.” 

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