Grow your sales by offering Topped Danish Pastries

The time has come to bring about the ‘Glow Up’ of the Danish Pastry.

Upgrade sweet pastry offerings by getting creative with Danish Pastries and offer customised, dessert inspired pastry toppings.

With 76% of consumers tempted to buy a sweet topped Danish Pastry and 79% of consumers willing to pay more (78p more) for an indulgent topped Danish Pastry, there is an opportunity to grow sales.


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When asked which toppings consumers would most like to customise a Danish Pastry with, toppings most voted for included chocolate sauce, fresh cream, caramel sauce, chocolate nibs, cinnamon sugar or fresh berries. Best of all, most of these topping ingredients are commonly found in most operator kitchens, take minimal time to do but create an indulgent sweet impact, maximising that treat occasion. These simple additions can be used to create something special for consumers, while providing a profit uplift opportunity for operators.

With 71% of consumers buying a Danish Pastry once a month or more, and 66% of consumers more likely to buy a Danish Pastry if they could customize the toppings, there is certainly an opportunity to increase sales to tap into.

Our Danish Pastries are made with the traditional 24 layers of pastry. Our frozen bakery range bake off in as little as 18 minutes providing that amazing bakery aroma and freshly baked look and taste whilst managing stock and waste.

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Source: Opeepl – SBS – Danish Pastry Toppings Research – August 2022