Breakfast and Brunch Recipe Inspiration

Whether it’s for a weekday treat or to enjoy with a lazy coffee at the weekends, ensuring customers have a plentiful breakfast and brunch menu to choose from will help operators drive footfall through their doors, and stand out from the competition.

As brunch is now much more than a meal consumed between or instead of breakfast and lunch, with part of its appeal being that it offers an “any meal, any time of day” approach, this is an opportunity not to be missed on your menu!  After all, over 50% of sweet pastry purchases are also accompanied by a drink, so why not capitalise on the occasion by bolstering your offering? 


We’ve compiled our favourite recipes below, including some classic options and more unique offerings, to help you capitalise on the brunch occasion: 

  • Smoked Salmon Croissant - A classic brunch recipe with a touch of class, smoked salmon and a Schulstad Bakery Solutions All-Butter Croissant is a match made in heaven, plus this recipe adds cucumber and lettuce for a fresh hit. Offering customers a premium dish will help operators elevate their menu. 
  • Fruity Vanilla Crowns – A slightly sweeter recipe, these crowns make a great snack, but an even better breakfast, especially for those looking for something lighter. Offering a selection of dishes on a breakfast and brunch menu, including something a little different such as this, will help to encourage a wide variety of customers through the door.  
  • Double Cinnamon Roll – Finishing off Schulstad Bakery Solutions’ cinnamon rolls with a cinnamon sugar topping offers an extra treat for customers with a sweet tooth. 
  • Matcha Croissant - Combining classic French patisserie with popular Japanese green tea powder, these flaky, buttery pastries are infused with the subtle flavour of matcha.  What’s more, the eye-catching vibrant green of the powder will help catch customers’ attention when passing your pastry display!  

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Curved All Butter Croissant 70g

70 g weight per piece

Vanilla Crème Crown

98.8 g weight per piece

Cinnamon Swirl

86.5 g weight per piece