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Recipe Inspiration Ahead of British Sandwich Week

Don’t forget this date for your diary… British Sandwich Week kicks off with a bang on 15th May, and it’s the perfect chance to bolster your menu and boost profits! 


Our research found that Brits love a sandwich.

In fact, 75% of us are happy to spend up to £5 on a sandwich served in a premium bread.

The top three premium options voted for were baguettes (35%), followed by panini (22%) and ciabatta (15%), demonstrating the scale of opportunity for operators over British Sandwich Week. 

People are willing to pay a premium for personalisation

Another standout finding from our research was that people love personalisation and are willing to pay a premium for it. 

  • 65% said that building their own sandwich or customising a menu option would make them pay a premium more
  • as opposed to 35% who would be selecting from a menu

Keeping these lucrative profit opportunities front of mind, we’ve crafted three new mouth-watering sandwich recipes for you to add to your menu for British Sandwich Week – and beyond. 

Looking for further insight into what makes a premium sandwich?

We’ve got you! Check out our findings into sandwich purchase behaviour, and in turn how you can maximise profit opportunities

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