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Consumers are willing to pay up to £5 more for a premium sandwich

...with 65% looking for a personalised experience, offering an opportunity for operators to elevate and update their sandwich offering to ensure it is in line with consumers' trends and needs.


Consumers want more than a cheese and pickle filling, too!

Italian-inspired fillings, such as cured meats, are the preferred purchase for 50% of British consumers, with Mexican and BBQ coming in second place with 35% of the vote each. As with other cuisines in the hospitality industry, Asian flavours are also a popular choice, with 30% agreeing.


Must Stock Products:

53% of consumers buy a premium sandwich weekly...

...with the baguette coming in as the most popular premium bread carrier (35%), followed by panini (22%) and ciabatta (15%).


Thaw & Serve Express Baguette

135 g weight per piece

Large Grill Marked Panini

135 g weight per piece

120g Top Cut Ciabatta Roll

120 g weight per piece

Cafés and coffee shops are the top destinations to purchase a premium sandwich (65%)

...with supermarkets and bakeries coming in second (47% respectively).

When asked where they would consider purchasing a premium sandwich, bakeries increased to 58%. Cafés and coffee shops held the top spot, however, with 73% of consumers agreeing this is the top place they would consider purchasing a premium sandwich.

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* Source: Opeepl – Schulstad Bakery Solutions – Sandwich Carrier Research - November 2023