Profiting from Premium Sandwiches

At Schulstad Bakery Solutions, we understand the importance of a great sandwich. They’re a key lunchtime staple and firm consumer favourite for the growing number of commuters and office workers. In fact, 52% of people eat a premium sandwich every week.


When asked what makes a sandwich bread premium, almost half (49%) said it is the type of bread that makes it. With Schulstad Bakery Solutions’ range of bread carriers, you are spoilt for choice. We supply everything from top retailing Baguettes to a piping hot Panini or authentically made premium Ciabattas.


When it comes to the most tempting premium sandwich carriers, the most popular choices are the Baguette, Panini and Ciabatta. Most consumers (79%) would be willing to pay a premium – up to £3.99 – for a sandwich using one of these carriers, with many more willing to pay up to £4.99, making them a good profit maker.


The top 3 places for consumers to purchase a premium sandwich from are a café or coffee shop (65%), supermarket (53%) and bakery (36%). Making it a must stock item for any of these outlets. Premium sandwiches also provide an opportunity to upsell sweet treats and drinks to further increase sales, making them the ideal lunchtime option for outlets of all sizes.


When it comes to fillings, the possibilities are endless, but quality is key. 46% said it was the quality of the ingredients that would make them likely to purchase a premium sandwich. Outlets should aim to incorporate a host of quality, fresh and flavourful ingredients that offer your customers value for money.



Here are a few recipe ideas to inspire your premium sandwich creations, helping you to cater to all tastes:

Chicken with Broccoli & Apricot Salsa

Served in a crisp Express Baguette. A combination of sweet and savoury, this recipe is the perfect summer offering for a lunch menu, attracting those looking for a fresh and light mid-day meal.

Ham and Honey Roasted Walnuts

Made using a premium crisp Baguette. This sandwich offers a perfect balance of savoury and sweet flavours with the salty ham and crunchy, sweet honey-roasted walnuts. Customers are always looking for new and exciting flavour combinations, and this sandwich offers just that. It can attract both meat lovers and those with a sweet tooth. Additionally, the cost of ingredients for this sandwich is relatively low, making it a high-profit margin item for foodservice operators.

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Large Grill Marked Panini

135 g weight per piece

120g Top Cut Ciabatta Roll

120 g weight per piece

Part Baked White Mini French

90 g weight per piece