Baking Academy

Watch our short videos to optimise your baking, icing and decoration of French and Danish Pastries. 

How to Bake

Watch our video to find out how to bake our pastires, including, Croissants, Maple Pecan Plaits and Cinnamon Swirls. 

Pro Tip: Adjust temperature instead of time for the perfect bake!

How to Ice

Our icing designs and techniques will make you look like a professional. 

Pro Tip: Warm the icing bag before use to enable smooth piping!

How to Create Instagrammable Pastries

Be inspired by our recipe ideas on how to create those instagram home page worthy pastries. 

Pro Tip: Layer different colors for a better contrast!

How to Avoid Baking Pitfalls with Bakeoff Pastries

Everything your personnel needs to know to serve your customers delicious pastries. Avoid those pitfalls and bake attractive pastries for your customers!

Pro Tip: Leave space on the baking tray for expansion!

Our Baking Support Guides

Baking and icing tips for the best pastries, and tips for how to optimise quality from our breads and buns.

Sweet Pastry

Apple Crown

Mini Danish Selection


Apricot Crown

Pain Au Chocolat

Vanilla Creme Crown

Cinnamon Swirl

Royal Danish

Maple Pecan Plait

Sweet Finger Roll


Difference between Part Baked and Fully Baked Baguette

Thaw and Serve Baguette

What Good Looks Like - Part Baked Baguette

Merchandising Tips


Create a Fresh Display

To make the most of your bakery offering, ensure that you maintain a display that looks fresh and appetising.  Baking little and often throughout the day will also enable you to meet demand whilst avoiding wastage.  Arrange pastries in single-layer rows, rather than stacking, to keep each one looking perfect.

Clear Messaging

A fresh bakery offering is a key sales driver.  To make the most of it, ensure that you use signage and point of sale materials to communicate that products are freshly baked or freshly prepared on the premises.  Highlighting products that are new or seasonal flavours will also help drive interest.